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Sign a petition to protect the children of Fukushima against radioactivity

Aileen Mioko Smith, director of Green Action Japan, has just announced an opportunity for individuals and organizations across the world to sign a petition demanding increased protection for the children of Fukushima against the clear and present danger from the Dai-ichi nuclear power plant's ongoing releases of hazardous radioactivity. To read and sign the petition, go to the Green Action Fukushima Updates website.

Japan learns lessons of Fukushima; US ignores dangers of its own Mark I reactors

Prime Minister Naoto Kan announced this week that Japan needs to decrease and eventually eliminate nuclear energy and must “aim to bring about a society that can exist without nuclear power.” As Japanese reactors come off line for inspection, they may not be re-started which could potentially mean no reactors in operation there as early as April 2012. But Kan did not put a timetable on the nuclear exit. Germany and Switzerland have already announced nuclear phase-outs. The Italian public voted never to re-start that country’s nuclear program. But the US continues to turn a blind eye to the unacceptable risks posed by its own Mark I reactors almost identical in design to those at Fukushima. Worse, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission instead envisages “more than 100 nuclear power plants operating throughout the United States for decades to come.”

Such backward thinking, along with a continued policy of allowing the nuclear industry self oversight through “voluntary initiatives” were revealed in the publication of the NRC’s “Near-Term Task Force Review of Insights from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Accident” released on the same day as Kan’s announcement. That’s not something Beyond Nuclear believes should continue. Please join us as a co-petitioner to suspend the operation of all Fukushima-style reactors in the United States. More

Thanks for taking action. And please also consider making a donation to Beyond Nuclear today. Your support will help us build a grassroots movement to close dangerous nuclear plants and create a safe energy future for our children.

Thank you for working with us for a nuclear-free world.


The Beyond Nuclear Team

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