Tax the Polluters not the Citizens


With the debt ceiling crisis looming, Republican leaders like John Boehner (Ohio) and Eric Cantor (Va.) keep insisting on draconian cuts that would decimate our government’s ability to protect people and the environment, while defending tax breaks for polluters and the wealthiest individuals. Many Democrats are voicing support for the same extreme cuts.

That’s outrageous. But unless we start asserting our alternative vision now, ongoing budget battles will continue to be lopsided in favor of corporate special interests.

A carbon tax is one innovative, long-term solution to our budget and climate challenges that we must start injecting into the discussion.

By forcing polluters to take responsibility for the full costs of their pollution, a carbon tax would raise hundreds of billions in revenue AND reduce the pollution overheating our planet, helping to head off the worst impacts of climate change.

Please join me in building support for a carbon tax by signing this petition to Congress:

Thank you for taking action!


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