Commission on waste promotes nuclear power but rejects reprocessing

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Commission on waste promotes nuclear power but rejects reprocessing -for now

The Obama administration’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, in its draft report released today, predictably advocates continued support for nuclear power. But, in a surprise move, the commission rejected reprocessing as a near-term radioactive waste “solution” while still approving continued research funding. Beyond Nuclear strongly opposes the commission’s endorsement of "consolidated interim storage" which we view as a high security and safety threat and an unwelcome health and environmental risk to host communities. However, given the strong component of nuclear industry boosters on the commission panel, led by Energy Secretary, Stephen Chu, the commission’s rejection of reprocessing was unexpected. Beyond Nuclear, along with 170 other groups, supports hardening of waste at reactor sites, as the “least worst” option for now. For more details and action items, see our website.
Thank you for working with us for a nuclear-free world.

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