sign our EMERGENCY LETTER to President Obama

Dear Readers,

The New York Times and the Washington Post are reporting that President Obama may offer cuts to Social Security and Medicare to the GOP in their Debt Ceiling deal.

This is an “All hands on deck” moment for every progressive in America: the same Republicans who raised the debt ceiling 5 times (and by nearly $4 Trillion) under George Bush in order to give HUGE tax cuts to the super-rich and mega corporations are now telling America that we can’t afford to take care of our parents in their old age.

The GOP’s Tea Party Congress is not even remotely interested in making compromises or doing what’s right. They are out to destroy America’s greatest social contract and promise to the American people: The New Deal.

They are holding our grandparents hostage right now to protect the wealth of the Wall St. tycoons that sabotaged our economy in the first place.

The President of the United States does not negotiate with hostage takers.

Please sign our EMERGENCY LETTER to President Obama now:

The Other 98% of America needs Obama to take Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare off the table with the GOP. If the Obama and the Dems expect us to fight for them next year then we had better see them fight for us right now.


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