Get on the Bus: Opening the Door to New Jobs

 The White House  wrote:

The White House Friday, August 19, 2011

This week President Obama traveled to the Midwest where he met with Americans in rural towns and communities in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. The purpose of his trip, dubbed the Economic Rural Tour 2011, was to talk to people from different walks of life about what is happening in our country right now.

The President was there to talk, but also to listen. In town halls, county fairs and an economic forum, Americans shared their hopes for the future and their concerns about the economy and what it means for their businesses and their families.

Throughout his trip, the President proposed a series of common sense steps Congress can take immediately upon their return to Washington that will start rebuilding our economy. These include:

  • Extend the payroll tax cut so that middle class families have more money in their paychecks next year.  If you've got more money in your paycheck, you're more likely to spend it, and that means businesses of all sizes will have more customers. They'll be in a better position to hire. 
  • Extend unemployment benefits so that millions of workers who are still pounding the pavement looking for jobs can support their families
  • Pass a bipartisan road construction bill. There are over a million construction workers out of work after the housing boom went bust, just as a lot of America needs rebuilding.  We can put these workers back to work by rebuilding our roads and bridges and railways. 
  • Pass the patent reform bill to help our innovators and entrepreneurs get their job creating ideas to market faster.
  • Pass the trade agreements that will help businesses sell more American-made goods and services to Asia and South America, supporting tens of thousands of jobs here at home.
  • Put our bright, talented and skilled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to work. The President has proposed several initiatives to make sure our veterans are able to navigate this difficult labor market and succeed in the civilian workforce, including the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits, and his challenge to the private sector to train or hire 100,000 unemployed veterans.

As President Obama said this week, “there is nothing wrong with our country, there is something wrong with our politics…When this country is operating off a common ground, nobody can stop us. But when we’re divided, then we end up having a whole lot of self-inflicted problems.”

Check out videos and highlights of all of the events from the Economic Rural Tour:

Monday August 15, 2011:

Townhall in Cannon Falls, MN

Townhall in Decorah, IA

Tuesday August 16, 2011:

White House Rural Economic Forum in Peosta, IA

Wednesday August 17, 2011:

Townhall in Atkinson, IL

Townhall in Alpha, IL

P.S. – On Tuesday, President Obama gave a few words in his closing remarks on how his bus trip through rural America reminded him of why he wanted to get into public service in the first place:

Sometimes there are days in Washington that will drive you crazy. But getting out of Washington and meeting all of you, and seeing how hard you're working, how creative you are, how resourceful you are, how determined you are, that just makes me that much more determined to serve you as best I can as President of the United States. 

Watch the full video of his remarks.

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