Join the movement and Stand Up for Democracy in the USA

Scotty –

Last night, Van Jones kicked off our Don't Kill the Dream campaign with over 15,000 DFA members listening in across the country.

Democracy for America is joining the American Dream movement and taking the fight to Republicans across the country — at town halls, at their district offices, everywhere — and it starts right now with you signing onto the Contract for the American Dream.

Join the movement — Sign the Contract for the American Dream right now.

What is the Contract for the American Dream? It's the promise that we make to one another that all Americans — rich, poor, or in-between, regardless of skin color or birthplace, no matter their sexual orientation or gender — have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The contract was created by over 120,000 grassroots progressives working together at house parties nationwide last month and it includes ten featured goals to rebuild America: 

  • Invest in America's Infrastructure
  • Create 21st Century Energy Jobs
  • Invest in Public Education
  • Offer Medicare for All
  • Make Work Pay
  • Secure Social Security
  • Return to Fairer Tax Rates
  • End the Wars and Invest at Home
  • Tax Wall Street Speculation
  • Strengthen Democracy

Read more about the Contract and sign on now.

Together, we can stop Republicans from killing the American Dream and build a future based on liberty and justice for all.

Thank you for everything you do.


Levana Layendecker, Communications Director
Democracy for America

Democracy for America relies on you and the people-power of more than one million members to fund the grassroots organizing and training that delivers progressive change on the issues that matter. Please Contribute Today and support our mission.

Paid for by Democracy for America, and not authorized by any candidate. Contributions to Democracy for America are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.


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