creating sustainable energy systems of the future

  1. The climate problems are becoming ever more urgent, but the energy systems of the future present even more issues. 
  2. Technologically, we have good opportunities for creating sustainable energy systems

However, climate change is not the only energy challenge:

  • We need energy services to drive global economic development
  • We need to provide equal access to modern energy worldwide
  • We need to provide electricity to the 25% of the world’s population still without electricity
  • We need to provide modern energy to the 50% of the world’s population still relying on energy from wood and other solid fuels
  • Security of supply is vital as even the slightest disruptions of the energy supply have major social and economic impacts
  • We need to solve the health problems related to energy production. This applies to both climate-related diseases and diseases caused by pollution from energy production
  • An increasing proportion of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. This growing urbanization creates megacities that both contribute to climate change and feel the effects of climate change. We need to provide smart energy for the smart cities of tomorrow

The fifth Risø International Energy Conference is over and the conclusions of the three-day conference are clear continue reading here>  Article Continues


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