Hydrogen Energy Storage

  • a practical, multi-home storage solution for surplus energy

Creative Energy Homes (CEH) project, which aims to stimulate ideas for sustainable design and promote new ways to provide affordable, environmentally sustainable and innovative housing.

Under a new phase of the CEH project, the university plans to store surplus solar and wind energy using a solid hydrogen system from France’s McPhy Energy. The system is aimed at enabling greater energy autonomy for the residential microgrid.

  • the ongoing CEH project aims to stimulate sustainable design ideas and promote new ways of providing affordable, environmentally sustainable housing that are innovative in their design. McPhy Energy has a safe, innovative and environmentally friendly solution for storing energy as solid hydrogen. The McPhy solution will be used for storage of surplus solar and wind energy under a new phase of the CEH project, which targets greater energy-autonomy for the homes
  • While hydrogen has long been considered an excellent energy source, it has traditionally required high-pressure storage, which presents security concerns. Storing hydrogen in its solid state using environmentally friendly, low-cost, readily available and fully-recyclable magnesium hydrides involves a unique technology implemented by McPhy Energy. McPhy’s solid hydrogen storage tanks are safe, energy neutral, cheap, easily transportable and quickly chargeable and dischargeable. No other current means of hydrogen storage can list all of these advantages, making it a particularly attractive solution for renewable energy.

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