Job Notes and Material Suppliers-Energy Star Bay Window-

Build and Job Notes for Custom Bay ‘Energy Star’ Window Build

Click Here to See the Before and After Job Site Photos of the Energy Star Bay Windows

  • Existing Wall 2 x4 Framing with zero (0) Insulation or Vapor Barrier
  • Note: Owners Plan on Adding Insulation in the Future. Insulation will not be needed in the Bay Window Area at that time.
  • Bay Window Ceiling, Floor, and Adjacent Wall- R13 Faced Batt Fiber Glass Insulation with 6mil poly VB
  • 2×6 and 2×4 Framing Members @ 16” OC
  • Header Attachments Combination: Liquid Nails, 3/8” x6” Lag Bolts @ 16“OC, 3” Deck Screws
  • Additional Support (Floor & Ceiling) Added to Existing Building Frame. Total 4-2×6
  • Bay Window Roof System and Floor System are Self Supporting
  • Simpson Strong Tie Joist Hangers Utilized for the Bay Window Flooring System
  • 2×4 Staggered Floor Joists utilized for Energy Efficiency and Added Strength
  • Roof Hip and Roof to Existing Wall Flashed for Added Water-Proofing
  • Existing Window Opening was utilized and un-changed 76”x59”
  • Windows: Energy Performance Rated- Soft Light Vinyl Windows
    • U Factor= 0.46
    • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient= 0.58
    • Visible Transmittance= 0.60
    • Condensation Resistance= 43
  • Roof: 30yr White Asph Shingles, #15 Roofing Felt
  • All Exterior Wood Framing Members and Trim Boards: 
    • White Finish or Wrapped with White Aluminum. To Match Existing Windows on House.
    • All Exterior Joints and Connections Caulked and Sealed with a 
    • combination of Silicone Caulking and Spray Foam Insulation (Closed Cell, Window and Door Sealant by Dow)
    • East Property Boundary Line Established by Edge of Existing Side Walk. 
    • Distance from East edge of House Foundation to Edge of Side Walk is 71”
    • Bay Window protrudes 15” from Building.
    • Leaving 56” Un-obstructed egress
    • Clear Un-obstructed Distance between Bay Window and East Porch Steps is 38 ½”
    Materials Supplied by
    Windows: Berry Door and Window
    Lumber and Misc Materials: Home Depot Southtown #3011
    Roofing: Roofing Supply Group of St Louis
    Flooring: Hampton Flooring
    Click Here to See the Before and After Job Site Photos of the Energy Star Bay Windows

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