Green-Initiative gains support of the STL Post Dispatch

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New RES Initiative gains support of the STL Post-Dispatch
Dear Scotty,

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured an awesome political cartoon and article supporting the new Renewable Energy Ballot initiative.  It is a huge shot in arm for our initiative to have such a major paper's editorial board supporting us. 


Political Cartoon
By: R.J. Matson of the Post-Dispatch

Check out the story – it really captures our plans for the new ballot initiative: Missouri voters get chance to vote for renewable energy – again. 



Ballot Initiative UpdateRenew Missouri Logo


Since filing the first resolution, we have received excellent input from renewable energy industries and other shareholders, so we will be submitting a second draft by the end of the month.  Thirty days after submitting the second draft, we can begin to collect signatures to put the new Renewable Energy Standard on the ballot. Stay tuned, we promise the changes are worth the wait!


Meanwhile, we are continuing to hold campus trainings and rallying a strong team of enthusiastic, young supporters.   We are also planning additional trainings for the beginning of December.  Keep checking your e-mail for updates!


Best regards,


Carla Klein

Renew Missouri


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