CSP Design with Heat Recovery Unit-Designed by Scotts Contracting

UPDATE:  Concentrated Solar Power Design with Added Heat Recovery Unit-

  • CSP-CAD Diagram designed by Scotty, Scotts Contracting-St Louis Renewable Energy Nov 1, 2011
Updated Concentrated Solar Power Photovoltaic Design with Added
Automatic Heat Recovery Unit for Dual Energy Savings

This is an update on the CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) design with Heat Recovery Unit for added energy savings.

Design Features:

  • Parabolic Trough Focuses the Suns Rays onto the Receiver
  • Photovoltaic Receiver creates Electricity and 
  • Energy via the Automatic Heat Recovery Unit
  • Many of the CSP designs on the Market today “create steam to generate electricity”.  This design will create electricity efficiently via Photo-voltaic Cells in the receiver; thus eliminating the need for Steam Engines.  It also generates heat to be used in the Heat Recovery Unit (twice as much usable energy for today’s home and business).
  • Heat Recovery Unit incorporates a automatic air handler set by thermostat for transferring climatically controlled air movement.
  • This design works exceptionally well during the winter time when the suns radiation is at it lowest radiation level-the loss of energy is minimized by the Heat Recovery Unit.   
  • Concentrated Solar Power will soon be available for non-desert regions and easily adaptable for any region. 
  • System allows for the’Receiver’ to easily upgrade to new and developing Photovoltaic Cells for increased electrical output

Seeking Assistance to further Develop this CSP Design2.  Please use the Contact Form Below for additional info and Scotty, Scotts Contracting will reply ASAP.


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