Rock Wall Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

Rock Foundation Repair Suggestions for

Water Proofing a Stone Foundation

Always Inspect for Mold Growth on the Foundation Wall
Close Up View of Mold Growth After Treatment See Photo Below
Inspect the Rock Foundation

Find the Bad Spots

Gently Remove any loose materials. Paying close attention to leave any

Structural Rocks in Position. Remove and Replace small portions

of deteriorated mortar at a time.

Close Up View After Mold Treatment

Close Up View

Patched Rock Foundation Wall ready for Waterproofing

Repair Bad Spots Tuck-point using Foundation Type Mortar “Hydraulic”

Follow waterproofing Manufacturer Guidelines for Coating the Interior Rock Foundation

  • Two Coat Process on this project.
Apply Water Proofer – Two (2) Coat Process – Per Manufacturers Suggestions With Added Acrylic Fortifiers

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  1. After the mold elimination, it’s essential that you stop further development of mold in the basement.
    It will destroy the mold and prevent it from
    changing. Shape is typically proven to grow on organic surfaces and structural areas.


  2. Foundation issues are a common problem many homeowners and property owners face at some point. If you have spotted some of the signs in your property that a foundation issue may be present, you may have already started looking for foundation repair companies to come out to your property and correct the issue.


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