Adding Support for Deck Rail

Fixing Deck Rails on Porches, Decks, etc

One of my latest repair projects:
  • The 2nd Floor deck support rail was leaning away from the building creating a Safety Issue for anyone who leaned on the Support Rail.
  • I used a Ratcheting Tie Down Strap to pull the deck support rail straight. Β (In the following diagram you will see the connection points for Plumbing up the deck rail on the 2nd Story Deck.)
  • After the Support Rail was re-plumbed I reattached the connection point at the Buildings Masonry wall with 4- 3/8 x 5 1/2 Lags and Masonry Anchors, spaced at 8in OC.
Apply Tension and Pull Towards Building
Scotty Adding 3″ Deck Type Screws to Secure Support Rail to Deck
  • I also replaced the original nails that had pulled loose with 3″ Deck Screws
  • I then added a 2x4x14′ to hold the Deck Rail into position. Β (See Action Photo Above)
Anchor to Wall w/ Lag Screws and Concrete Anchors

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