Missouri’s solar energy future on the line

Dear Friends,

There are two solar bills moving through your state legislature right now – one harmful, one helpful.  Can you help us stop the bill that threatens to derail your state’s citizen-passed solar energy goal (SB 759)?  And help show support for the bill that would encourage energy consumers to generate their own clean, reliable electricity from the sun (HB 1305)?

Technically, Missouri has a strong renewable energy goal on the books.  Thanks to Prop C, a citizen-backed ballot initiative in 2008, 15% of Missouri’s energy is supposed to come from renewable resources by 2021.  2% of that goal must be met with solar energy.  However, in actuality, powerful interests in the state have successfully blocked implementation of the state’s renewable energy goal since Prop C passed.

The latest effort to stop progress towards meeting the goal comes in the form of SB 759.   SB 759 would destroy the state’s emerging solar industry by removing the solar goal from voter-enacted renewable energy standard (Prop C). It also would allow utilities to meet the renewable energy goal with projects from outside the state rather than using renewable energy produced at home. It’s a bad bill.

HB 1305 on the other hand would improve Missouri’s weak net energy metering (NEM) policy. Commonly known as the policy that allows your electric meter to spin backwards. NEM is a simple billing arrangement that ensures solar customers receive fair credit for the electricity their systems generate and deliver to the grid during daytime hours.

Click here to take action.


Annie + Vote Solar Team

The Vote Solar Initiative
1120 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80304



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