The cost for Solar has decreased

Check out the Latest Solar Panel Offerings from one of my Solar Equipment Providers

…The cost of Solar has went down.  Let Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy provide you with a competitively priced Solar System especially designed for your location.

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 So a special deal for March: Canadian Solar 240 watt poly panels $1.02 a watt for 40′ container loads; $1.07 a watt for single pallet, $1.05 a watt for multi-pallet quantities!!  For mono 240s, add 10 cents a watt to above prices. (FYI, expect Mono-crystalline prices for all brands to go up substantially in 2012).
These prices are FOB California AND New Jersey.
ALSO now have Ontario-made Canadian Solar panels (for Fit & MicroFit) at very aggressive pricing. Call to discuss!
U.S. made Star Harvest Solar black-on-black 260 watt panels, $1.09 a watt pallet quantities!
U.S. made BOSCH 230 watt panels, $1.09 a watt! BOSCH 245 watt, $1.17 a watt.
U.S. made Suniva black 250w & 260 watt 60 cell panels, $1.27 a watt container loads, $1.31 a watt for pallet quantities, SHIPPING INCLUDED to 48 states!
ALSO HAVE new financing programs that just started up, for projects in both U.S. and Ontario Canada. Both LEASE and PPA style financing available….depending on location & size of deal.
And yes, I do still have the Satcon 110 kw 480 volt inverter available, MAKE OFFER.
And the SMA 250 kw 480v inverter, MAKE OFFER.
For your best solar success in 2012…


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