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Tell Missouri Senators:

Stop SB 759

Senate Bill 759 would erode two laws supported by Missouri voters unless you help us stop it.

The first law under attack currently makes it illegal for monopoly electric utilities to charge ratepayers before a service is provided. Voters passed this law in 1976 as Prop 1.

The second law under attack is the Renewable Energy Standard (RES) that mandates monopoly utilities produce 15% of electric generation from renewable energy sources by 2021. Voters passed this law in 2008 as Prop C.

SB 759 would weaken both of them.

Ameren Missouri, a utility based in St. Louis, is leading the lobbying efforts in Jefferson City to erode the will of Missouri voters. Ameren Missouri supports SB 759 so it can collect $55 million from electric ratepayers without providing a service.

In a one-two punch Ameren wants to promote nuclear power while simultaneously watering down Prop C and shipping Missouri investment dollars for renewable energy to places like California.

An editorial from St. Louis Post-Dispatch yesterday agrees with our position: "Lawmakers should reject Ameren’s greedy money grab"

Contact your Missouri state senator and ask them to stop SB 759 today.

You can get contact information for your senator at http://senate.mo.gov/

How bad is it?

Ameren wants Missouri to look like Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina when it comes to financing nuclear reactor projects. You guessed it: big rate hikes, delayed projects, cost overruns, and no guarantee of completion. In short, money for nothing.

SB 759 on nuclear power:

  • Erodes a 36 year old consumer protection law.
  • Creates zero jobs and zero investment in Missouri.
  • Includes a $55 million rate increase for Ameren ratepayers with no new service provided.
  • Does not include a plan for Ameren to actually finance and build a nuclear reactor.
  • Bails out Ameren for millions spent on a nuclear license it filed in 2008.
  • Forces ratepayers to pay Ameren in a way the free market would not support.

SB 759 on renewable energy:

  • No guarantee for new solar or wind projects in Missouri.
  • Expands the definition of renewable to include forms of dirty energy, like burning municipal solid waste.
  • Sends Missouri money out of state instead of investing in our local communities.
  • Strips away the health and environmental benefits that should result from local renewable energy investment.

Contact Your Senator:

Call, write, email, or visit your Missouri state senators today and ask them to stop SB 759. And be sure to tell your family and friends to do the same!


  • Please oppose SB 759 because the people of Missouri have already spoken on these issues. Missouri voters opposed paying monopoly utilities before a service is provided in our state with 65% overall support. Missouri said yes to renewable energy investments in our state with 66% overall support. SB 759 erodes the will of Missouri voters twice in one bill.
  • SB 759 is a gateway bill to turn captive monopoly utility customers into captive monopoly utility investors in the future.

Missouri voters have spoken. Now help us make sure our senators hear what we’ve said.

Thank you for standing up for Missouri’s safe energy future.

Missouri Coalition for the Environment | 6267 Delmar Blvd., Ste. 2E | St. Louis | MO | 63130



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