Kitchen Project Photos

Scotty Comments:  I am very pleased with the Design-Build Concept utilized in the Kitchen Make-Over.  After the Prior Contractor Dropped the Ball on the project.  Scotts Contracting was hired to finish the project.  We added: Accent Lighting, Insulation, Air Sealing, New Plumbing Vent Stack and Drain Line, Coffered Ceiling, Energy Efficient Lighting Choices, among numerous other ‘Design and Installation’ Options

See the Project Photos below for the Kitchen Remodel Project Located in the St Louis South Hampton Region.

See Additional Project Photos at:

2012-04-11 001

2012-04-11 002

2012-04-11 003

2012-04-12 001

2012-04-12 003

2012-04-12 004

2012-04-13 001

2012-04-13 002

2012-04-13 003

2012-04-13 005

2012-04-13 006

2012-04-13 007

2012-04-14 001

2012-04-14 002

2012-04-14 003


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