Sewer Pipe Leak Detection


Kingshighway House Sewer Line Inspection Video
  • Found Sink Hole in Yard by Down Spout Sewer Line

  • Called Plumbing Companies for Repair EstimatesVerbal Repair Estimates started at $3,000.00Suggested to Video Scope Drain prices started at $125.00

  • Dug Inspection Trench to determine what was causing Sink Hole.
  1. I traced the Downspout Lateral Line down 8-10 ft and have not found the lateral line connection at the Main Line.
  2. I’ve feel I’ve dug enough and determined that we should do option 1 & 3 in the suggested fixes below.
  • Did Water Test to Determine if there was any stoppage in the Main Sewer Line. (I opened the Man Hole Directly behind the house and watched the water that was dumped into a house drain run into the City Sewer Line.)

  • Contacted Retired Plumber for Advice. Joe came by and gave these suggestions:
  • Suggested Fixes:
  1. Cap and Seal Down Spout Sewer Line since Water Test Determined Main Sewer Line was UN-obstructed. Redirect Down Spouts to drain into yard.

  2. Replace or Un-Clog Down Spout Line. Warning from Plumbers: “Do Not Interfere with Main Line or the Old Clay Pipes could become dislodged and start leaking. Creating a need for more digging and more pipe to need replaced.”

  3. Un-Clog all down spouts to eliminate future plumbing “lateral” line issues. All these clogs in Down Spouts are from the Trees out front and over the years the “helicopter seeds have stuck in the downspouts lateral lines.”

  • Scotty adds:
  • Add Gutter Screens to prevent future problems.
I did not want to spend money on an Inspection (I would rather spend the same amount of money on a plumbing snake to clean out the remaining clogged Downspouts) and after talking with Joe I dug an inspection trench and determined: Original Problem was from helicopter seeds from trees out front of the house. I traced the line and found clogged areas but didn’t find the lateral line / main line connection point (I’ve dug 8-10ft). I did a water test and determined main line was unobstructed. Since main line not clogged I suggest: seal the down spout line and redirect water into garden area along fence line by church. Problem solved. Add Gutter Screens or Downspout Screens to prevent future problems.

Upcoming Post will be on the Fix to the Sewer Line Problems.

See the Concrete Side Walk Repair You Tube Video

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