Extraordinary Green Energy Breakthrough From Cogar International Energy Corporation | SYS-CON MEDIA

 the Hydro-Electric Reactor which uses only air from the atmosphere to generate huge amounts of clean, reliable green energy all year round.

This could be just what the doctor ordered for US Energy Needs

The following was copied from the Article”…The technology does not use any fossil fuel whatsoever to generate electricity in commercial quantities and it can produce renewable and sustainable clean energyusing only a fraction of external energy input.
The prototype uses 75 kilowatts of electricity to generate 100 kilowatts of electricity. With a maximum of 20 generators, the prototype can generate 2000 kilowatts of electricity using only 500 kilowatts input.

The Hydro-Electric Reactor technology can replace all coal, gas, geo-thermal, bio-mass, windmills, solar and nuclear power plants, worldwide, within 30 years and help put an end to the current energy crisis, oil dependence and global warming.

The technology can provide over 1,000,000 megawatts of clean, renewable energy each year to the world, with no harmful chemical emissions.

It can generate electricity at less than 1 Cent (U.S. Cent) per kilowatt hour because there is no daily operating cost whatsoever.” 

Article Continues at the following link.

On the website I found these links and additional information

NOTE: The company proposes to manufacture 40 (Forty) standard models of the
Hydro-Electric Reactor Power Plants, from 5 kilowatts to 20 Megawatts, for residential,
commercial and industrial customers.

*Click here to see Proposed Dimensions

*Click here to see Price List 


Scotty comments: This almost sounds too good to be true and it sounds like this could be just what the doctor ordered for US Energy Needs

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