Little Green Thumb Recycling Adventure

Gratitude of Thanks to Southern Metal Processing. 

For all my readers who have been reading about my Back-Yard City Garden.  I’m sure you have noticed that I’ve had some great help from little green thumbs this year.

Little Green Thumbs helping in the Garden
Little Green Thumbs-Inspecting the Corn Silk on
the Sweet Corn Plants that they helped plant.

I try to ‘Lead by Example‘ with the Girls and have been attempting to teach them the benefits of Recycling and becoming a Steward for the Environment.  They are already aware of the Blue Recycling Dumpsters in the Alleys and the Recycling Trash Can here at the house.  The youngest calls the trips to the Blue Dumpster-“Cycling“.  

Yesterday while cleaning out the Garage I compiled all the scrap metal left over from previous projects, loaded it up and headed to Southern Metal Processing on S Broadway in St Louis, MO.   

After we were weighed in and unloaded our Scrap Treasures.  We were standing in the office receiving our compensation.  Unexpectedly Girls were given some Kool toys from the Reward Case.  (I personally think the girls have enough toys, especially when I trip over them or am forced to clean them up.)  But to a little girl I guess they can never have enough Barbies or Little Pony toys.

And the nice lady that gave the girls the toys must understand that there can never be enough toys.  She vetoed my suggestion that 1 toy was enough and gave the girls 2 toys each (to the delight of the girls).  Thank you’s and hug’s were exchanged and the now very happy girls had Treasures of their own to play with. 

I think this is just what is needed from a Business in support of the Green and Sustainable efforts to reduce Global Warming – Climate Change.  I can think of no better way to teach the next generation the importance of recycling.  And  by actions such as these by Southern Metal Processing, (listed SMP on their Trucks). I will bet that the Younger Generations will become better Stewards of our Earth-If this Generation doesn’t kill the Earth first.    


Gratitude of thanks to Southern Metal Processing.

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