Series-Green Blog Posts covering:

Green Build – Gut Rehab of a 4 Family Masonry Building

But first I’ll give you a little background on the Building

Building History


There were many clues for determining the age of the building.  

First Clue was the type of Bricks used.  When St Louis hosted the Worlds Fair.  The city planners realized that housing was going to be needed for everyone and started building many of the brick homes that are still being utilized all over the city today.  It has to do with either the type of clay used to make the bricks or the way they ‘fired’ the bricks.  Either way when you have the type of brick as the ones in this building you have a building using bricks that were made in the Late 1800s or early 1900s. 


Lumber: We have found that Douglas Fir was used 80% of the time.  True Dimensional Rough Sawn Lumber.


Nails: Hand Made Square various sizes 


Plaster and Lathe


Tube and Knob Wiring


Water Cistern / Hand Pump


Gas Lighting


Rock Foundation

and more

Complete Rehabb of a 4 Family Building with Garage and Warehouse
home was built in the late 1800s or early 1900s

  1. Basement Foundation Rock Foundation Repair
  1. Hint: If you can see daylight  coming thru the mortar  cracks as the building did in these pictures (you have problems and need to tuckpoint your rock foundation).
  2. See other rock foundation repair at Green Blog
  • Removing the water damaged deck and back room addition
  • Roofing
  • Extensive Tuckpointing
  • Rebuilding the back room
    1. Supporting the 2nd Floor and Roof (we used a total of 5 Support Posts in a 6 Foot Area)
    2. While Digging in the Pier Footings we found an old water tank/cistern that was used to supply water to a kitchen sink in the hand pump days.  
    1. Water Collection for re-use is/was a normal part of everyday living in the days gone past.  The water was collected by the buildings eve troughs, gutters, and patio area because: 
    2. in the old days-they didn’t call it green building- It was called survival.

  • Refinishing the Flooring
  • Remodel of Kitchen/Bath
  • Adding a Laundry Room
  • Weather Proofing and more
  • Stay Tuned for Photos and Details on the Green Build Four Family Flat– perfect example on why Building Green is not only affordable but can be profitable as well.

    Benton Gut Rehab Green Blog Series

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