What were they thinking?

Fixing A Prior Home Repair Gone Wrong- Instead of fixing the wall correctly they choose to cobble it together.

 I want to point out the 2nd Floor Area.  Note: There are 2 Floors.  Why would the prior no-good carpenter build the double floor this way?  The Answer goes back to the prior photos and a hint in the History of the Building.

  • My Definition: Small Water Collection Tank, that is generally attached to a home kitchen area via a “Old Time Hand Pump” which brought the water into the home.
  • Though the original plumbing was long gone.  We did find a 200 Gallon Cast Iron Cistern located just off the Corner of the Building.  Directly under the Corner of the Building in the spot where the Pier Footing should be.

We determined that:

    1. The Original build of the Structure had started to sink in this area.

    2. the prior carpenter had built (flim-flamed) a 2nd Floor above the Sinking Floor.

    3. Eventually the corner still continued to sink and when it sank enough for Water to work its way into the building. The Damage escalated.  Once that happens-as you can tell;it is a major renovation project, to fix the water damage.

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