1st Floor Weatherization-Benton Project


  1. R22 Insulation installed in 2×6 Wall Framing Members
  1. Vapor and Air Filtration Barrier
  1. Additional HVAC Cold Air Return Duct
Scotts Contracting Installs R22 Insulation

R22 Batt Type Insulation-Friction Fit-
Johns Mansfield No Itch Insulation

Photo is the Water and Vapor Barrier used to seal the wall frame-Scotts Contracting,St Louis Renewable Energy
Water and Air Barrier

The Above Photo is the Water and Vapor Barrier used to seal the wall frame. This material is recycled Billboard Sign Material. The true R-Value of the Material is not known. We do know that the material is Ten Times stronger and thicker than normal vapor barriers on the Market today.


I added an additional HVAC ‘Return’ Air Duct to help
the Efficiency of the Electric Furnace

Scotts Contracting-St Louis Renewable Energy
before Modern Day Insulation they used Hair, Newspaper,
and other Miscellaneous Materials

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