How To Save Money And Make Your Business Sustainable

For businesses large and small, there is a continuing quest to make operations more eco-friendly and sustainable as part of the growing clamour to be a leader in social responsibility. In many cases, running a more sustainable operation means that there are also significant money savings to be made. What are the best options available to both large and small businesses, which will reduce their carbon footprint as well as make their bottom line look healthier?


One of the growing trends in building design is that of the ETFE roof. As well as being prominent in many modern designs, the understanding of the impact an ETFE roof can have on a business has seen it become a highly sought after solution by many business owners. Whether it is building their own premises or renting a commercial property, ensuring the building has an ETFE roof can lead to many ecological and financial benefits for a business.

Benefits of using an ETFE roof include:

· Cheaper and greener construction than glass, as well as weighing only 1% of the equivalent area of glass, meaning other environmentally damaging construction materials do not need to be used as much in supporting the roof structure.

· Much higher levels of light transmission than glass, meaning the building can benefit from much lower lighting costs – both an environmental and financial plus!

· An ETFE roof acts as a natural insulator for a building, so similar to the last point, a building will see their heating usage and subsequent bills reduced massively. With most heat from buildings lost through the roof, ETFE could well be the answer you need.

Owners of small business are often paralysed by the feeling that they are unable to have any wide impact on the overall environment; however by choosing a premises with an ETFE roof they will be doing exactly that. The financial benefits also associated with ETFE roofing can also be a huge incentive to new businesses looking to reduce costs.


There are other many widely used alternatives that business owners can use to save money. Building a premises, or renting one, with an ETFE roof is not always possible, so what are the other options available?

· Cut down carbon emissions caused by journeys to work – are any of your team able to work from home? Even considering a property with an ETFE roof, do you need a premises at all?

· Use energy monitoring and saving appliances throughout your business to reduce usage and costs.

· Ensure you recycle as much as possible.

By carrying out these small, simple, yet massively effective steps, you can potentially save your business a lot of money moving forward. Try and affiliate yourself with an environmental awareness group or another that produces certifications, so you can build your credibility as an environmentally aware and friendly business, while all the time continuing to grow profits.

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