Fake or Real Xmas Trees- Green or Not

Have you ever wondered are the Real X-mas trees you buy green or is it better to use a Plastic Tree?

What’s Greener: Real or Artificial Christmas Trees?
Christmas Tree
Photo: Shutterstock
Have you ever wondered if it’s more eco-friendly to buy a real or an artificial Christmas tree? Even the most well-intentioned greenies fall on both sides of the debate. Could it actually be good to cut down a tree? Should you buy something you can reuse over and over?

Believe it or not, real trees are always the eco-friendlier choice. Read the reasons why, and try a new type of tree this holiday season.

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One thought on “Fake or Real Xmas Trees- Green or Not”

  1. It’s no wonder that trees have been the source of so much arboreal inspiration. After all, in nature, a tree is an ecosystem in itself, purifying the air, providing a home to small animal life, giving shade to plants, and feeding insects and bugs with leaves and berries.


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