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Practical Green Cleaning Tips

In today's world we often hear a lot about green cleaning opportunities and how we should be doing this to help protect the environment and that is all well and good. Then we go to the store, we grab the first cleaning product we are used to and simply carry on like nothing happened, potentially polluting the environment with petroleum products which then take forever to break down, carrying down canalization all the way into the ocean. Well this can be easily avoided if we know what we're doing – we have made some tips ready for you so you would have a decent understanding on what you can do to protect those around you from the effects of hazardous chemicals:

The use of green cleaning products

Clean the Green way! - Woman wearing rubber gloves and holding dish soapThese are especially designed to avoid dangerous chemicals in their composition since companies are becoming more and more aware of the long-term implications of using these in their work. A lot of the cleaning products used todayare biodegradable and nontoxic and on top of that you can even use some household products to clean almost just as well as you can with commercial ones. Try out vinegar, baking soda and for non-toxic chemicals you should also try hydrogen peroxide and borax as alternatives to most cleaners.

Open your windows

This is something a lot of people nowadays have to remember since the central air conditioning systems we are so used to actually use internal air and simply circulate and filter it again and again. You will need to open those windows to let some fresh air in once in a while no matter what you do.

Avoid overuse of antibacterial cleaners

Although they are useful as a short-term solution you should also keep in mind that its also possible to create super-germs by making them adaptive to whatever is killing them. Much like any part of evolution with germs its either adapt or die. Prolonged exposure to the same type of hazard will have them adapt wonderfully so they can return stronger and more dangerous. So be careful with the antibacterial cleaners.

Baking soda

clean the green wayYou can use it to scrub away molds and other spots as well with the added bonus of it being nontoxic. You can also use it to absorb unpleasant smells from your fridge, carpet and other surfaces as well as using it in combination with a mild acid to create a bubbly mixture capable of unclogging drains.

Use natural scents

If you want your home to smell nice then avoid the chemicals present in air fresheners and simply go with flowers, or try boiling cloves, cinnamon or other herbs to have the desired effect. Vanilla can also be a useful substitute for those that smells great.

Toxic cleaners should be disposed of

But only by doing it the right way, so make sure they are wrapped in plastic so you'll have no leaks. The reason why you should get rid of those is because they will be absolutely poisonous to a water supply, not to mention how they will settle in nicely at the local landfill. A lot of countries have places where they'll take toxic chemicals away, so ask around.


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