At Least Three Missouri Babies Born on 12/12/12

little odd to say the least… i don’t think I would force the child un-naturally

CBS St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Congratulations to at least three Missouri Couples who had babies on yesterday’s special date: 12/12/12.

Mehlville couple Kelly and Elias Ford gave birth to a son.  Elias Ford Junior was born by C-section at St. Anthony’s Medical Center, where they recorded his birth at 12-minutes and 12-seconds after 12.

At Mercy Medical Center, six-pound eight-ounce Grant Patterson was born at 12 minutes after 12-Noon.  He , however was not born with 12-seconds showing on the clock.

His mother Jami says it was not a case of the doctors waiting for the right time.   His heart rate had dropped and doctors acted accordingly.  Grant’s heart is ok.

Another Missouri baby was born at 12:12 early on 12/12/12 in Cape Girardeau.

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