How Alternative Renewable Energy Helps Fuel the Economy and Create Green Jobs

How Alternative Renewable Energy Helps Fuel the Economy and Create Green Jobs

Alternative energy is here to stay. With new advances in energy comes new industries, and with that comes new jobs. Simply put, lots of jobs are created every month in the green industry. With incentives from the government propelling this growth, the green job arena is sure to grow. While other people are struggling in a floundering economy, people who work in the green energy arena are chugging along. So, here are five ways alternative energy helps fuel the economy and create green jobs.


A lot of people work in front of a computer now. However, many without the skills or desire to work in front of a computer still need work. With factory closings, and so many things done automatically now, jobs requiring hard labor are becoming more scarce. However, alternative energy has provided many more jobs like this. Usually this involves installing solar panels or wind turbines. Those these jobs are manual labor; they are not menial tasks. Not only that, these people require training to do their jobs, and so jobs in management are also increasing.

One great thing about green energy jobs is the pay. Sales people, technicians, and even scientists all make good money in the green sector. High paying jobs are great for the local and national economy, because they are sustainable and contribute to further growth.

Many companies love to outsource their labor. They outsource IT, software, and even call centers. In the world of green energy, it is nearly impossible to outsource most jobs. People in the sales and installation department have to work within the community they serve, and corporations do much better when they are headquartered within the United States.

Long-Term Health
Most people do not think of the long term ramifications of green energy on individuals, but thanks to green energy, we all live in a cleaner planet with cleaner air. This means that we healthier people. A lot of people get sick due to our polluted air, and with sickness comes hospital stays and missed work. Over time, this becomes costly to our long term economic prospects.

Young People
Green jobs are especially great for the people who need jobs most – young people. Job-seekers right out of college are suffering disproportionately from unemployment. Many young people have the required skills and education to be successful in the green sector though.

Green energy has truly helped us improve our society. While many people do not directly work in green energy, they still benefit from it.

Rod Marigold writes about green energy, economics and education. His most recent work showcases the best online colleges for accounting degrees.

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