Benton Rehab Project Drywall Installation and Tip: Number 1172


This drywall installation tip is brought to you by: Scotty-Scotts
Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy.  A full service General
Contractor for the St Louis Region.


How do you cut the Man-Hours needed to hang drywall on the Ceiling of a Building?

A simple drywall hoist or lift will make hanging drywall on the ceiling a breeze.  Let the hoist do the work instead of your Arms and Head! 

Drywall Installation on Benton Project-Scotts Contracting St Louis MO
Installing the Last Sheet of Drywall on the Front Room Ceiling

 After the Drywall is Installed now its time to mud and tape the joints for a smooth finish.  I generally use: either paper or sticky tape with 2-4 layers of sheet rock mudd.  Lightly sanding the areas after 3rd and 4th layer.  Don’t forget after priming the new drywall with “New Drywall Primer” -Fill in any voids or missed spots for a truely uniform finish.

Scotts Contracting Drywall Installation Serving the St Louis Area
Drywall Installed Good Start on the Mudd and Tape!

Scotts Contracting Drywall Mud and Tape Photos- Serving St Louis MO
2nd Layer of Sheet Rock Mudd

Part 8: 1st Floor Weatherization

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