4 Family Investment Property Rehab Construction Series

Table of Contents for the Green Build Rehab of a 4 Family Investment Property in St Louis General Contractor on Project: Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy

 How we  brought the Old Western – Old South St Louis Architecture- Decor and Feel into a Modern Day ApartmentBenton Gut Rehab

Scotts Contracting, St Louis MO

The Benton Rehab project series contains: photos, build notes, CAD Drawings, Tips,  Building Codes, HVAC, Electrical, Dry Wall – Sheet Rock, Decorative Finishes, Custom Wood Work, Interior Tuck-pointing, Douglas Fir Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Ceramic Tile, Water Main Replacement, Roofing, Air Sealing, Insulation, Carpet Installation, and more

 Below Links will direct to you to the Green Blog- St Louis Renewable Energy. blogspot .com
  1. Part 1: History

  2. Part 2: Stone Foundation Repair

  3. Part 3: Tuck-pointing the Brick Walls pt 1

  4. Part 4: Tuck-pointing the Brick Walls pt 2

  5. Part 5: What were they thinking?

  6. Part 6: Paint Pro Tip #35

  7. Part 7: Repairing Water Damage-Exterior Wall

  8. Part 8: 1st Floor Weatherization

  9. Part 9: See the Difference a Little White Paint Makes

  10. Part 10: Interior Framing-Plumbing-Laundry Room

  11. Part 11: Kitchen Framing Tip #36-Benton Rehab Project

  12. Part 12: Water Main Repair- Benton Rehab

  13. Part 13: Benton Rehab Project Drywall Installation and Tip: Number 1172

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