Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Room Addition Estimated Project Costs

Green and Sustainable Room Addition Estimate for adding a 2nd Floor Dormer onto an existing building.

Rough Estimate on projected costs to add a 2nd Floor Room Addition to an existing 1 story building in St Louis.

Designed by Scotty-Scotts Contracting, St Louis Renewable Energy

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Room Addition Estimated Project Costs
Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired 2nd Floor Room Addition

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Room Addition Estimated Project Costs

Estimated Addition Size 12′ x 25’=300sq ft

     Estimated Roof Size 18’x27’=486sq ft

           Estimated Flooring Size=300sq ft

Description Estimated Costs in $ for Materials

  1. Building Permits- 350-700
  2. Dumpster  x1   750-1,000
  3. Solar (the money you save with solar will pay for the addition)
  1. Lease 0
  2. Lease + 1,000-1,500
  • Windows 150-250 ea
  • Lumber Framing
    1. Walls 250
    2. Ceiling 180
    3. Flooring 180
  • Lumber Sheeting
    1. Roof 500
    2. Walls 400
    3. Flooring 300
  • Insulation
    1. Walls 200
    2. Ceiling 300
    3. Floor 300
  • Stucco 600-1,500
  • Roofing 2,000
  • Total: $8,000+
    Labor $16,000
    Additional Notes
    1. This is just a basic estimate on materials made from guesses with my drawing. Without knowing exact dimensions of planned addition, materials chosen, and how you plan to finish the interior of the addition I can’t determine a cost.  (use $70-$100/sq ft for Total Costs)

    2. Home Depot Kingshighway, St Louis MO for Material Costs 
    3. Labor Computation= Materials x 3 – Materials (for rough estimates only)

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