Video Building a Curved Exterior Wall

Building a Curved Wall on a Budget

  1. Additional Support for the 2nd to 3rd Floor Staircase
  2. Exterior Storage Space


  •  This is a Beautiful Older Home in the Central West End area of St Louis.  Any additions or modifications must be historically correct and blend in with the surroundings.  

Build Notes:

  • Who doesn’t need more Storage Area?  By Enclosing the Area and Installing a Door a small area for storage was created!
  • When this home was Originally built in the Late 1800’s there were No Support Posts under the Stair Case.  Prior to Building the Curved Wall for Additional Support the Client Installed the “Green Painted Support Post / Beam”  Since the Lumber was still use-able the Posts were re-positioned for the addition of the Curved Wall Metal Framing
  • Radius Arc- In this application: Use the Curve of the Existing Structure.
    • Metal Tracks have bendable tabs- Once track is in Position bend the tabs to hold the track in shape until the track is attached impermanently 
  • Exterior Drywall was screwed to the Metal Studs after 2″ Vertical Relief Cuts were made in the Sheet Rock.
  • 30# Roofing Felt and Stucco Mesh
  • Stucco with Fiber Re-Inforcement

Completed Project Looks Original to the Structure while
Meeting Goals and Needs of Client!!!

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