Local SEO for the St Louis Region

The Proof is in the Stats-[Changes to 3 Simple Key Words that I had mistakenly left out and from Linking my Service Page to the Green Blogs].  As a true DIY person I believe in handling all the projects I can do In-House.  Luckily when it comes to Local SEO techniques I accepted the free offer for Local SEO Assistance from Mr A.Dollinger via his LinkedIn Proposal for Increasing Small Business Web Presence
Document Local SEO for the St Louis Region

  • The three websites that I manage for my General Contracting / Green and Sustainable Building Promotion for the St Louis Region.

    The Stats from the websites show a dramatic increase in pageviews.  The Proof is in the Pudding or the Stats in the SEO World I completed the SEO suggestions made by Andy Dollinger in the First and Second Week of February 2013; and here are the Current / Actual Stats from the websites-after the Mighty Google Search Engine re-visited the websites.  The stats plainly show an increase in daily pageviews.

    Pageviews today


    Pageviews yesterday


    Pageviews last month


    Pageviews all time history


    1. Main Website- http://stlouisrenewableenergy.com page view Statts provided by Web Host (Weebly.coom)

    Mr A. Dollinger pointed out some additional areas that I had overlooked when adding "Local" Meta Tags when I built my latest website. After I added the "Local Tags" I went ahead and checked my site to see how Google's Search Engine viewed and parsed the site and found that the simple changes Mr Dolllinger suggested will boost my websites SEO standing for the St Louis Region.

    I don't usually accept 'Freebies' but was Pleasantly surprised at the outcome of his SEO suggestions! So much so he will be listed on the Site as SEO Guru!

    Yes I recommend and will call on Mr Dollinger in the future.

    Build Green,



    January 27, 2013, Scotts Contracting was a consultant or contractor to Andy at ClicksEffect – Local Search Engine Optimization,Design,Content and Mobile services

    Andy has also offered additional free assistance in his latest offering:

    I thought you might be interested – I set up a group on linkedin for small businesses.

    The purpose of it is to help small businesses with their branding and marketing efforts.Check your email for the invitation.

    I'd love to see you there. Once joined, feel free to participate in discussions or start new ones.

    Oh one more thing – I've prepared a FREE course for small businesses related to Search Engine Optimization.This will help your site get better rankings = MORE CLIENTS . No cost involved.

    All you need to do is go to http://www.clickseffect.com  , signup and grab the course.

    Andy Dollinger | Marketing&Consultancy for small businesses  

    E andy.dollinger@clickseffect.com  Dollinger.Andy


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