Creating Additional Seating and Stage-Shady Jacks Saloon

Build Notes Hardwood Floor Stage-Extra Seating 

Customer Must Haves

  • Create Additional Seating Area (64) for the Ever-Growing Lunch and Dinner Crowds
  • Build a New Stage for the Bands that play every Friday Night / Special Events
  • New Stage and Seating Area must match existing Decor

Build Notes

  • Up-cycled Flooring Materials-from previous projects and from left overs on prior projects in the Bar.

  • Stage Constructed of 2×12 Framing at 16 in OC with 3/4 Plywood Sheeeting
  • Clear Floor Finish

Stage Framing Complete 

Installing the Wood Floor Design


Clear Floor Finish
Applying Clear Floor Finish


Shady Jack-Owner Shady Jacks Saloon and Grill
Downtown St Louis MO

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