CAD Bar Designs-Before Photos with CAD Drawing

In this Design-Build Project for Shady Jacks Saloon in Downtown St Louis MO.  The Owner, Shady Jack has 3 Main Goals for this Project: 1-Create User Friendly Area for the Staff-with the addition of racking space for the Latest Non-Alcoholic & Alcoholic Beverage Dispensers; 2-Creating a eye appealing backdrop; 3-As always the renovation must blend in with the current surroundings.

What: Design Build Project-Bar Design
Where: Shady Jacks-1432 North Broadway, St Louis MO, 63102
When: February 2013
Type: Custom Wood Work and Finishing
Materials: True Dimensional ‘White Oak -Structural Beams’ 

Build Notes: 

  • To control costs we will be using up-cycled lumber from leftover materials from past projects at the Bar.
Additional Note:
  • As a Non-Drinker-I look forward to having a greater selection of non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy when I’m hanging out at the Bar.
  • The previous project-Stage and Extra Seating turned out Great and was a big hit at the last event.  At one time during the event; there were 2 Custom Harley Choppers with Stripper Pole Contestants all utilizing the Stage.  The Custom Wood Stage held up beautifully and created the perfect atmosphere for the event!

Before Photo 1-Shady Jacks Saloon
Existing Bar Photo

Shady Jacks Saloon Existing Bar Photo 1
Existing Bar Photo 2

CAD Bar Design 1-Designed by Scotts Contracting
CAD Design by Scotts Contracting

CAD Designs by Scotts Contracting Shady Jacks Saloon Bar Build
CAD Bar Design Frontal View

Shady Jacks Saloon-CAD Bar Designs by Scotts Contracting
Birds Eye View of CAD Bar Design by Scotts Contracting

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Build Notes and Client Must haves:

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