Drain Tile Location-Preventing Water Damage

When I’m not performing Green Building activities around the city of St Louis. I field numerous calls to fix and Build everything from- Drywall Repair, Painting, Basic Carpentry, Electrical Repairs, Water Leaks, Roof Repairs, and Plumbing issues.

Today’s Plumbing fix and the costs to fix the Drain Pipe could have been avoided if:

  1. The General Contractor who did the initial installation would have taken the time to realize that something was wrong. See photo the First Photo and Location of the Drain Tile Cover.

  2. The Concrete Contractor who-Formed, Poured, and Finished the Sidewalk would have had the Correct Form Height when pouring the Sidewalk.

  3. St Louis Building Code Official would have been on his game and noted that the drain was in the Incorrect Position.

Improper Drain Tile Exit Location- Basic Plumbing
Improper Drain Tile Exit Location- Basic Plumbing

Since I’m forever the optimist I can see One Benefit to this drain location: the misc dirt and debris is not flowing into the already taxed St Louis Sewer (MSD) System.

Scotts Contracting Performs basic plumbing repairs-Home or Business
Buildup of Dirt and Debris- easily eliminated by proper installation

Scotts Contracting is available for Home Repairs and Home Improvement Projects in the St Louis Region. Please use the Contact form at: http://www.stlouisrenewableenergy.com/contact.html to schedule a free estimate on your next project.

Build a Green St Louis, Scotty

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