StLouis Residents-CALL This Week-Electric Rate Debate at Capital

Call Today: OPPOSE SB 207 and Significant Electric Bill Increases

Please Call Key Legislators Today!!!

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Call Today: OPPOSE SB 207 and Significant Electric Bill Increases

Please Call Key Legislators Today!!!

Please Forward!!!

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board hit the nail on the head regarding legislation that will significantly increase electric rates for Ameren Missouri, Kansas City P&L, and Empire Electric customers.
Senate Bill 207 and House Bill 398 represent the latest attempt by Ameren Missouri and its allies to make it easier for monopoly electric utilities to collect money from its captive customers. SB 207 was originally sold as the mechanism to fund an expensive "small" nuclear reactor by its sponsor. Even the Office of Public Council, the office that defends electric customers in electric rate cases, opposes SB 207 and HB 398.

MCE’s Safe Energy Director, Ed Smith, has been to Jefferson City several times this year to testify against these bills and now it’s up to you!

Senate Bill 207 could be debated in the Senate this Monday (3/11/2013). House Bill 398 will be voted on in the House Utilities Committee this Wednesday.
Call your state senator today, tomorrow, and all this week. Leave a message asking your senator to VOTE NO on SB 207. Get your family, friends, and neighbors to call too!

Find your state senator with the legislator look-up tool here.

Please call members of the House Utilities Committee today and ask they VOTE NO on HB 398!

Rep. Doug Funderburk: (573) 751-2176 St. Charles County

Rep. Dave Shatz: (573) 751-6668 Gasconade, Franklin, Osage Counties

Rep. Ira Anders: (573 751-5701 Jackson County

Rep. Mike Bernskoetter: (573) 751-0665 Miller and Cole Counties

Rep. Mike Cierpiot: (573) 751-0907 Kansas City and Jackson Counties

Rep. Charlie Davis: (573) 751-7082 Jasper and Newton Counties

Rep. Tony Dugger: (573) 751-2205 Webster and Wright Counties

Rep. Keith English: (573) 751-9628 St. Louis County

Rep. Lyndall Fraker: (573) 751-3819 Webster and Greene Counties

Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger: (573) 751-3572 St. Charles County

Rep. Don Gosen: (573) 751-1247 St. Louis County

Rep. Ron Hicks: (573) 751-1470 St. Charles County

Rep. Bart Korman: (573) 751-2689 Warren, Montgomery, St. Charles Counties

Rep. Margo McNeil: (573) 751-5365 St. Louis County

Rep. Rocky Miller: (573) 751-3604 Miller and Camden Counties

Rep. Charlie Norr: (573) 751-3795 Greene County

Rep. Sharon Pace: (573) 751-4726 St. Louis County

Rep. Holly Rehder: (573) 751-5471 Scott and Mississippi Counties

Rep. Tim Remole: (573) 751-6566 Macon, Randolph, Linn Counties

Rep. Todd Richardson: (573) 751-4039 Butler and Dunklin Counties

Rep. Jeff Roorda: (573) 751-2504 Jefferson County

Rep. Clem Smith: (573) 751-4468 St. Louis County

Rep. Steve Webb: (573) 751-2135 St. Louis County

Thank you and please let us know what responses you get from legislators, or if you have questions!

Missouri Coalition for the Environment | 6267 Delmar Blvd., Ste. 2E | St. Louis | MO | 63130

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