All I request is to be made aware of what is in the food I eat

GMO Seed Conversation-

The More I learn about GMO crops the less and less likely I will buy products produced using GMO Seeds. Scotty

“…lets look at one little Kernel of Corn that was Genetically Modified (GM) to kill any bug that tries to eat it or the Corn plant it grows into. When that little corn grew up it produced 3-4 Ears of Corn with 800 sons and daughters (per ear) that carry this GM bug killer. 

Thats 2,400-3,200 Kernels of corn that could make it to your Dinner plate. 

The Warning of: DO NOT CONSUME- TOXIC, HAZARDOUS,–Do Not Consume– etc is on every bottle of bug killer. 

Just so you know you are eating the same bug killer that killed the bugs in the field.

In a conversation last weekend. I listened to a theory that suggested the seemingly high rates of Cancer here in StLouis they felt was accelerated by the foods we eat. (As of yet. I have not had enough time to research this theory.) 

—- > All I request is to be made aware of what is in the Foods I eat. Scotty < —– 

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)

[ Additional Info as Suggested by: Sean Lintow Sr ]

 Soil bacterium used for biological pest control – produces a crystalline protein toxic to certain types of insects.

zoom Bt toxin is produced by Bacillus thuringiensis in an inactive form (protoxin), which is transformed to its active form (delta-endotoxin) in the guts of certain insects. The active toxin binds to receptors in the gut, killing the insect.

Insect pests have long been fought with Bacillus thuringiensis products. Based on the premise that ā€“ as opposed to many chemical insecticides ā€“ they are harmless to humans, they are used in organic farming.

By means of genetic engineering, the genes for the active agent (Bt toxin) can be transferred from Bt bacteria to plants. There they produce the toxic agent inside the plant cells. In this way, biotechnology has been used to confer insect resistance to a number of economically important crops. Bt maize and Bt cotton are widely grown in several countries.
See also:
 Bt protein; also Bt toxin
 Corn Borer


(1)3-4 Ears of Corn= 8oz. 1 Can of Corn

            = 7-8 Ears or 2 Plants.

(2)’lil background:I grew up on a ranch

and have assisted in growing, harvesting,

feeding, and selling- Acres of Corn….”  

via: facebook conversation

Additional Facebook Conversation: 10 Reasons why we don’t need GMO Foods 

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