Do Squirrels and Rabbits Ravage Your Garden?

Its that time of year! If your like me protecting the vegies in the Garden is top priority then a simple solution such as the Garden Screen Protector can help. It worked for us it can work for you too.

Scotts Contracting St Louis Division

Varmit Garden Screen Protector Designed and Built by Scotts Contracting will protect your precious vegetables from the Vermin.

Garden Screen Protector Available at Scotts Contracting
  1. Sunday March 18, 2012 Planted Back Yard Garden
  2. Gambling on Spring Weather Conditions
  3. First Plants to Germinate March 28
  4. I couldn’t find a Functional Garden Screen Protector to suit my liking so I designed this Frame for the Protective Garden Screen.

Email Scotts Contracting for a Garden Screen Protector for your Home Garden

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Action Photos Added March 24, 2012- Garden Screen Protector

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