Less Weight Equals More Horsepower

To use a Building as an example: less weight on your Energy Bills equals more Horsepower for your Bank Account!

and the same principle can be applied to your Home or Business.

Everyone who has driven a car or truck built in the Late 70s or early 80s knows that gas was cheap-car and truck motors were gas guzzling monsters.

I can remember Ford and Chevy Pickups that got a whopping 8 mpg regardless of whether the trucks were loaded down with Farm Goods or NOT.

During the first fossil fuel crunch of the late 70s GM, Ford, and Dodge realized changes were needed and started developing cars that used less gas. They made the transition to lighter cars because:

Less Weight Equals More Horsepower.

This translates into less energy needed to move the vehicles or less Gas. (although I was just an infant in the 70s my Father has told me that this energy efficiency thing is old news to him…and a repeat of old news-by the Politicians and News Reporting Agencies) Thankfully with: Greater Technology mankind has taken these old stories and made them into the-

New Hip Thing To Do-

Energy Conservation and Creating Clean Energy from Renewable Sources.

The same thing is happening all over the World. Many countries are moving to Alternative Energy created from-Wind, Geo-thermal, and Solar. Since Going Green and Living a Sustainable Lifestyle has been adopted by all walks of life in every corner of the World.

More and more Countries have adapted to this new technology and embracing the Sustainable Culture that is shaping our Future.

Whether or not a Country can be called hip or not is left for the Debaters. What is hip to me is that the actual People made up of:

Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, and all the other walks of life-

who make up a country have realized that: Being Green is the Hip thing to do-for numerous reasons!

Here in the St Louis area. One of the most answered question as to why a client wants to join the Clean Energy Revolution is their

Extreme Dislike of Ameren UE-(the Company who provides the St Louis Area with our Electricity).

What surprises me most is that it many times is not because Ameren:

burns coal to generate our electricity-the greatest source of CO2 that is damaging our Climate and Disrupting the Natural Weather Patterns.

Its because of the way they treat the citizens of St Louis. Poor Service, Numerous Power Outages, the Choke Hold they have on the Missouri Lawmakers, and Outrageously High Energy Bills.

So what is the Best Defense to fight these upcoming high summertime cooling bills?

Energy Conservation is the best defense. I’m going to share the main secrets to Energy Conservation in an upcoming Green Blog Post.

What many Energy Auditors charge your for.  I am going to freely share how you can get More Horsepower for your $money$

and the rules of thumb that apply to saving energy in-

any building

any home


any business.

We can build a Green and Sustainable USA with American Made Materials for your Building Projects and use American Made Solar PV Systems to power your Building! Scotty

Conserving and Creating Energy has new wings and is coming to places near you.

Scotts Contracting St Louis Renewable Energy supports American Business by Buying American Products
Scotts Contracting St Louis Renewable Energy supports American Business by Buying American Products


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