Pt1 Spray Foam Insulation StLouis Brick Building

 To help educate the people of StLouis against future problems in regard to: Air Quality, Durability, and Creature Comforts I put together: Part One-Basement, Crawl Space, Stone Foundation Insulation Series on: Cost Effective:Energy Conservation for StLouis Brick Buildings [ where, how and why with suggested solutions in regard to spray foam insulation.]

Recently I’ve had a couple of requests to “Spray Foam” Insulate a StLouis Brick Home with Spray Foam Insulation-I don’t know who has been telling people its ok to do ‘this or that’ but I want to show all the readers the basic principles behind the Actual Building Science behind Spray Foam Insulation and the best practices for using this product.

Many times the shows on TV and supposed building professionals performing similar home improvement services [in some instances these shows are correct;many times they are not.]  So before you start spraying foam insulation on the walls of your building there are a few areas that need to be considered before starting on a project such as this-follow the suggested Building Science Principles for



See, Review and Comment on the Google Cloud Document: Spray Foam Insulation St Louis Brick Buildings

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