Gunman meant to shoot the Girl not the Guy

When writing articles and posts about #Construction ,#energyefficiency , and #homerepairservice   the words and sentences I use seem to automatically jump from my fingers and onto the screen.  I’ve found that when I’m writing about this sort of  #GunViolenceTragedy  that hit so close to home I have a very, very difficult time.

#May22    Update with additional details I learned yesterday.  It is very disturbing for me to learn that this Incident involving Guns and Violence started via a #Facebook  post.  Working backwards I’m going to share with you what James told me yesterday, 5/21/13-

**At the time of the Suspects arrest on 5/21/13- the#gunman  told the #StLouisPolice  that: “He didn’t mean to shoot the Guy, he meant to shoot the Girl”.  The Guy who was shot was an innocent bystander who lived next door to the intended Victim.

**The Violence started over a #Facebook  posting between two girls.

**Gunman swore revenge and said he’d be looking for the Girl and then for two days cruised the area searching for the Girl.

**On the day of the shooting the Gunman drove down the street and opened fire, shooting towards the Girls House and mistakenly was shooting up the Houses that were adjacent to the Girls house.

**Victim is at #BarnesHospital , Bullet is lodged in the spine in the neck area, and Doctors are evaluating surgery that would remove the bullet but may leave Victim paralyzed.

**Additional Info on the Victim:  1) He held two jobs at#BuschStadium  and a Hotel chain.  2) Following James (his fathers) advice who encouraged him to get into the computer business-He moon-lighted for as one of the people who brings people the great deals on Airfare and Hotel Stays.  His second job at the Hotel chain he worked in the computer/scheduling/web services IT department.

Over the weekend my Girl +s. wendel and I will be having a BBQ for the Victims Family and I’ll post any additional info about the incident and the status of the Victim.

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