Tree Damage Repair and Brick Buildings

I’m a tree lover until they are damaging StLouis Brick and Masonry buildings.  When I get a call to repair the Damage- Scotts Contracting Gets to the Root of the Problem!


Here is a collection of projects and photos of Tree Damage Repair photos completed by Scotts Contracting-StLouis, MO.

Benton Rehab Tree Root Experiment and Damage Update

Day 5 in the Benton Rehab Roof Project uncovered some interesting hidden gems in the roof system.  In the photos below you can view the extensive tree Stump and Root Ball that started out as a sapling years ago and was left to its own accord.

However, this is not always the case, a root can also be aerial (growing above the … synthesise cytokinin, which acts as a signal as to how fast the shoots cangrow. …. Tree roots normally grow…Tree Root


  • All the Brick Buildings in the photos above are from StLouis Brick Buildings that have been seriously neglected.  With a yearly maintenance plan the costs to repair Tree Damage could have been eliminated if the Tree Sapling would have been removed.

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