Electric Wiring Installation Pro Video Tip #16787-

 Here is a handy tip to ensure a hassle free smooth installation of Electric Wire Installation in Metal Conduit. Hint: Its all in the Setup.

– Hassle Free Wire Spool Unrolling Pro Video Tip #16787-

  • As the wire is pulled into the conduit the friction of the wire rolls working against each other from rotating in opposite directions ensures tangle free installation.  
  • This eliminates the wire spools from unrolling on their own accord and creating a tangle of wires.

  1. 3 Wire 12-2 White, Black, and Green
  2. Setting up the Rolls of Wire- Place each Roll of Wire on the Roller Frame so that the corresponding roll feeds from the opposite direction- See Diagram

  1. First Part of the Video- Shows a Long Run with Constant a Feed or Pull- Note how all  the wires pull at the same speed eliminating any tangles or mishaps.

  2. Second Part of Video with Many starts and stops showing how the wires do not become tangled demonstrating the tangle free installation.

    Video Note: This was my first attempt to edit a video using YouTube and was unable to delete the unnecessary frames of the video.

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