My Climate Change Experiences verified by IPCC

  I use my personal experiences and the Climate Scientists vouch for and uphold my observations.

  • I can remember when I was young growing up on the Family Cattle Ranch in North Missouri.  

The Winters were long and the Snow Drifts were Huge- (way over my head creating perfect 

opportunities for Snow Forts and Tunnels in the Back Yard).  
  • It seems that the Bad Weather Started in November and Lasted until the month of March and into April 

(4-5 months of Brutal Winter Weather).

  • Since the early to mid 80’s I do not feel we have had extended periods of cold temperatures 

that keep the snow that falls from thawing out.  

  • It seems to me that: the precipitation we now get has more Ice with less Snow 

and seems to melt within weeks- now seems faster melting times than ever.

  • We now know the major cause of the warmed temperatures: 

Global Warming ie: Climate Change caused by “Exhaust Gases or GHG’s Emissions” 

from using Fossil Fuels from Coal and Oil called CO2

  • Extreme Weather Patterns-Droughts, Floods, Increased Summertime Temperatures, etc

Read the new IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published September 27,2013

So I asked myself- 

“Why don’t the Governments and Politicians of the World 
act to reduce these GHG Emissions?” 
I can’t speak for the other countries in the World, but 
I will point out some facts I have been preaching now for months.

The Rich and Powerful Fossil Fuel Industry supports Politicians both Democrat and Republican.  

All of which keep the Politicians in-line and in the Pockets of the Coal and Oil Industries- 
through Donations for Re-Elections, Pet Projects, etc. 


Global Warming and Climate Change is Science the GOP can’t wish away-  

Politicians need to:Step away from the Monetary Feed Trough filled by Big Oil and Big Coal  

The National Academy reports concluded that “scientific evidence that the Earth is warming is now overwhelming.” 

Party affiliation does not change that factLink Here

– See more at:

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