StLouis Think Locally Act Globally

The Term: Think Locally – Act Globally– that was first introduced to me in Columbia MO way back in 1999 is becoming ever more needed since the last IPCC report and the suggestions to reduce this Global Warming Trend that is affecting and changing the Earth’s Weather Patterns.

  • The IPCC report shows the Man Made CO2 is creating warming temperatures Worldwide.

So what does this mean for the StLouis Region and how do we as a whole: Think Locally-Act Globally?

Since the greatest contributor of the CO2 that is causing Climate Change is from Burning Coal to Produce our Electricity and from Automobile Exhaust- it just makes sense to use less.  For this green blog post I’m going to share a few suggestions in order from Least Expensive to Most Expensive tips for your home or office.

  • For those who did not know the supplier of our Electricity Ameren UE listed as Union Electric [to confuse the public- Ameren UE creates electricity from burning the Dirty Coal supplied by PeaBody Energy] has the 4th Dirtiest Coal Burning Plant in the USA.[Union Electric Co.’s Labadie plant, Missouri (18.5 million metric tons)]
The following listed web links are will direct you to other blog postings on this site. Please Feel Free to Share your tips in the comment section.

  1. Shut off unused electrical devices, lights, etc
  2. Recycle
  3. Changing Light Bulbs to less Wattage or even better LED type lamp bulbs
  4. Wash Clothes in Cold Water
  5. Heat and Cool efficiently- Change the HVAC Air Filters-Service HVAC Units
  6. Seal Air Leaks- Doors, Windows, etc
  7. Add Insulation where needed
  8. Water Heating with Solar or Point of Demand type H20 Heaters
  9. Solar Electric Systems
  10. Geo Thermal Systems both heat water and warm/cool your home by using the Earth

This is not a complete list just a few simple suggestions of the things I do and plant to add to my home.  For additional info on the subject the USA Department of Energy has even more ways to save.

Thank you for stopping by St Louis Renewable Energy. Feel free to comment in the section below or contact Scotts Contracting- St Louis Home Improvement Projects and Energy Reducing Needs Get Your Green Building Tips and Resources at St Louis Renewable Energy Green Blog


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