Proof Positive Clean Energy Solar PV Works

It is a 7 kWh system consisting of 32 panels and two inverters, On a very good day we will produce 52 kWh. Average is 42 kWh. We normally produce more electricity then we can use.

“This is directly copied from a fellow Google Plus Friend” I’m sharing it with my readers of the blog to show that it is possible to have great things that are run by solar power.”

Last year we added a Nissan Leaf and now drive around town for FREE.  Saving over $3000 in gasoline a year. And no longer subservient to middle east oil prices.

One of the biggest energy reduction was installing a variable speed pool pump. Reducing usage form 12,000 watts to 1,200 watts a day.

Addition reduction was changing to LED light bulbs through the house and garage.

Here’s the Google Plus Conversation in full:


Great things are happening because of solar power and the clean energy it produces. Are you considering adding a solar system to your place? I can help and will provide the most cost effective system that is on the market today. Scotty

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