Pt3 Kid Sized Plumbing-Small Biz Energy Efficient Design Build Project

This final blog post of the Series-Small Business Energy Efficient Design Build Project.  I will be addressing the Must Have Request of the Client- Two Child Sized Plumbing Fixtures and extra counter area by sink located outside of bathroom.  If you haven’t noticed a design theme yet while reading about this project.  Let me give you a HINT: KIDS!  This project is all about providing a: safe environment for Kids to grow and learn!
Starting with the Must Have:
  • Kids Sized Plumbing Fixture– 
  • Problem Solved by a call to my preferred plumber and plumbing outlet.  I honestly didn’t know these existed at the time of the Clients Initial Interview, but with a call to my Master Plumber who pointed me towards models by Kohler and Pacific Standard.  
Kid Sized Plumbing Fixture
11/27/2013 Kid Sized Plumbing Fixture On Sale $50 Milford Supply
4219 S Kingshighway Blvd StLouis MO 

  • Extra Counter Area– 
  • The upstairs area is host to many activities for the children-crafts and crafting and other educational activities that will require ease of access to a Sink.  To me it only made sense that the sink area also be child sized!  
  • Problem solved easily:  I will take the Standard Sink base and remove 12-14inches of the sides and back, then re-attach the system!  Saving Money by not having to order “Special” products!
  • Kids Sized Plumbing Fixture

Extra Counter Area

Part 3-
  • 1 Sink located outside the Bathroom with Extra Counter-space (part 3)

Part 2-
Pt2 Ensuring Success StLouis Small Biz Energy Efficiency Design Build Project  Part 2 of this blog series I will be addressing the Open Floor Plan concept requested by the client.

Part 1-

In part 1 of this Small Business Energy Efficient Design Build Project I highlighted the three main points that are planned to make this project a truly energy efficient design that will provide this small business owner the space to grow while being energy efficient and not sacrificing the comfort levels.

“Proper Design Build Energy Conservation Techniques used 

in this project will ensure that this business owner will keep the 

energy costs low and comfort levels high-Scotty,Scotts Contracting”

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