StLouis Brick Home Hempcrete Insulation Retrofit

Design by Scotty-St.Louis Brick Home Hempcrete Exterior Insulation Retrofit CAD Design

Hempcrete Brick Wall Retrofit Estimated RValues

  • 4 Inch Layer of Hempcrete = R14.2
  • Multi Wythe St Louis Brick Building= R5
  • Total Wall RValue=19.2
Hempcrete Brick Wall Retrofit Estimated RValues
4 Inch Layer of Hempcrete = R14.2
Multi Wythe St Louis Brick Building= R5
Total Wall RValue=19.2

My latest quest to Build a Green St.Louis by retrofitting the Brick Buildings located in the St.Louis Region.

Hempcrete Brick Wall Retrofit
Designed by Scotty- Stucco Like Finish Coat for Hempcrete Brick Wall Retrofit

Why Hempcrete and not other forms of insulation?

HempCrete Exterior Brick Wall Rebar Detail
Brick Wall 2’0 Rebar Reinforcement Detail
  1. Hemp Plant Fibers are a natural product that can be grown and sourced from Missouri Farmers.
  2. Hempcrete is as strong as Concrete with less damaging effects to our climate and provides a High RValue
  3. Adds Structural Reinforcement

HempCrete Exterior Brick Wall Dowel Pin Detail

The politics of bringing this product hempcrete product to market and grown locally I feel will be an uphill battle...until that time I suggest substituting Kenaf Plant Fibers instead of Hemp Plant Fibers.  Stay Tuned for more information.  Scotty 12-20-2013 Greg Flavall replied: “Bath Uni in UK have done extensive research across all waste cellulose including knaf and flax etc but hemp is the only hygroscopic cellulose that performs for insulation” 

Greg Flavall
Co-Founder / Technical Director

71 Brougham Street

New Plymouth 4310
New Zealand
Skype: galrfai8
Mr Greg Flaval has these suggestions:
  1. Depending on age of buildings u can ascertain whether lime mortar was used or cement. Older buildings used lime in which case u could add hemp/lime “plaster ” to exterior or interior to increase efficiency as we have done many times in Europe. If cement forget it; you’re asking for problems.
  2. In UK we have had problems in the early days adding hempcrete to cement mortared brick clad buildings bc they do not breathe and the hemp has deteriorated;…
  3. Also u can use an alkali resistant mesh cloth embedded into the Hempcrete for added flexural strength and no need for steel reinforcing unless you are horizontally affixing steel plates to retain brick structure

I’ll have additional details to add soon.  Scotty

added: 3/2/14 via: Hemp Technologies: High Thermal Resistance (R-Value = 2.5 – 3.0 per inch)

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