Designing a Natural Pool with Fish Habitat

Natural Pool Design Trees 1 b

Designing a Natural Pool with additional fish habitat area for the Sustainable Hemp Home Series.

Top View Natural Pool Design with Fish Habitat
Top View Natural Pool Design with Fish Habitat

Since the Hemp Home Designs are all about Sustainability.  Why wouldn’t the pool be as well and while we are at building a natural pool we might as well incorporate a fish habitat into the natural pool design.  This will allow the pool to serve as a food source in addition to the entertainment value.

Birdseye view Natural Swimming Pool Design
Birdseye view Natural Swimming Pool Design

Tips for natural pools supplied by Mother Earth News

Design Information

  • Reserving at least 50 percent of your pool’s surface area for shallow plants, either at one end or in a ring around the sides, eliminates the need for chlorine and expensive filters and pumps. You’ll want to separate the swimming area of your pool and the filtration area, or plant zone (see the illustration in the image gallery).
  • The water needs to circulate continuously for the plants’ roots to cleanse the pool. You also may need to aerate the water so the water organisms’ oxygen needs are met.
Without adequate oxygen, your pool could become stagnant, harboring odoriferous anaerobic bacteria.
  • Besides cleaning the water and making your pool beautiful to behold, the shallow plant zone warms the water quickly and provides habitat for frogs and many invertebrates. They’ll appreciate the shallow water for breeding grounds and repay the favor by eating mosquito larvae.

  • A rim within an inch of the water’s surface keeps plants in their place but allows water from the swimming area to move to the plant zone for filtering, As water passes through the fibrous root structure of the plants, bacteria concentrated on the plants’ roots act as a biological filter, removing contaminants and excess nutrients in the water. Decomposer organisms, also found in the plants’ root zones, consume the bacteria, effectively eliminating underwater waste buildup.

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